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Japanese Tour
November 9-16, 1998

This information comes via Vivian Acinelli

This was emailed to me by Tomomi includes just the information on the radio interviews Rick did there. Sounds like some happy Japanese fans. Sorry for them he didn't play there.

I am happy to tell you that I was able to see him from the glazed studio booth in the sunny warm afternoon of Nov. 14. Rick is not the only one who appears in those programs aired from that studio.  Tokyo FM aim at making themselves different from other stations with SHOWing programs to people in town.   At 13:00 they had a Japanese singer, and Rick at 14:00, after him the Swedish group Cardigans, at 15:00 a Japanese popular rock band.  You can imagine how various of fans gather.  I stood in line one hour before.  To avoid a panic, securities were standing at every point with transceivers. Even photos were prohibited.  Too bad. I have never seen him so close, only two meters through glass even though I have been a big fan of his for 16 or 17 years.  I had an impression that he is courteous and moderate.

As he picked up his Taylor acoustic guitar and strum it right before the interview, the woman next to me wrote "what are you going to play?" in a piece of large paper and showed him through glass.  He replied with lips.
(Because we can hear aired one with outer speakers, not the sound inside the booth.)  It's like guessing games.  We asked back with lips; "Don't talk.." or what?   No?  I finally caught it.  Yes, you mean "Karma".  Right!  It was a sort of nice happening only for the fans there which listeners would never know.  He played "Karma" and a short version of "Jessie's Girl" live. Unfortunately nobody there couldn't meet with him afterwards because he seemed to leave there promptly.

The radio programs ahead are 18:00-19:00 at Inter FM on Nov. 15, 13:00-14:00 at FM Yokohama on Nov. 22.  The rest will follow as on-air schedule is fixed.

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