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His Last Words

                                  My father was too weak to parry the blade
                                  as death's scythe swept through the house one night
                                  as we were busy doing other things,
                                  dust filled his mouth and stopped his breath,
                                  and darkness took his soul in this familiar place...

                                  His body, wasted by the sickness,
                                  his spirit weary from the battle,
                                  he spoke to me, forever his son,
                                  of all things save death:
                                  I longed to face it with him,
                                  but seeing his fear,
                                  I feared to speak of it.

                                  And though we both saw death's dark irresistable form
                                  in the far corner,
                                  we talked instead of evening shadows
                                  on bedroom walls.

                                  And so it went.
                                  There were no proud and profound last words,
                                  no bright ringing final moment of clarity.
                                  He just died.
                                  We kissed his still warm face
                                  and promised forever...

                                  The cold wind blew through the trees in my father's yard,
                                  and I looked for meaning.


                                  I look around me and I see what I wanted and what I settled for
                                  Yeah, I've got the heart of a Joan of Arc but the soul of a gigolo.
                                  I've been good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
                                  Anytime I stopped to smell the roses they drew blood from me.
                                  Do you know what I mean?
                                  You never ever get away clean. But it's alright,
                                  Yeah, touchdown, turn around, flag on the play.

                                  It's always something, you know it is, it's always something,
                                  It's always something, everyday, it's always something.

                                  When I was a kid the teachers and the priests said,
                                  "Why do you let him run around like that?"
                                  My father said, "If the boy wants to play guitar, I say we let him."
                                  Through the hard years he was my rock
                                  when I just could not win.
                                  So it goes y'know my father died
                                  just before my leaky ship came in.

                                  Do you know what I mean?
                                  You never ever get away clean. Oh, but it's alright yeah.
                                  Down one, homerun, your dog steals the ball.

                                  I step up to the table in the middle of my life
                                  and I take my cards and I check them twice.
                                  I've got a killer hand and I'm ready to stake my claim,
                                  the cops raid the game.

                        's always something

 Religion Of The Heart

                                  His hair was bible black, face like a priest,
                                  his fingers clutched the precious box and silent as a dream,
                                  He hid behind his dark sunglasses. You caught your breath.
                                  You thought he was beautiful. You didn't hear his silent scream,
                                  As he spread the dead man's ashes.
                                  Your always trying to find your worth
                                  in the eyes of someone new.
                                  You may not think you need this baby but I think you do

                                  You need religion of the heart, religion of the heart
                                  (deep in your system)
                                  You're just searching in the dark
                                  For a reason to believe
                                  You need religion of the heart

                                  You raise your glass, you drink their wine,
                                  But you're still thirsty all the time,
                                  No miracles tonite, and you'll skip the midnight masses.
                                  It'll be OK in the cool clear, bright light of the day,
                                  But you just seem so scattered,
                                  as though nothing mattered baby.

                                  You're always trying to heal yourself in someone else's skin
                                  Turn the thieves out of the temple baby and let it in
                                  You think that I am joking, that it all comes down to nothing,
                                  Yeah, and I'm just talking to your fear but I 'm not,
                                  No, I'm not, and you stand in the field of fire.

Beautiful Prize

                                  The father giveth, and the father taketh away,
                                  Johanna prays in her bed,
                                  He drinks his beer to the TV chatter,
                                  thinks dark thoughts in his head.
                                  When the house that he keeps with his hard won pay,
                                  is finally asleep after his brutal day.
                                  He turns his eyes on his beautiful prize.
                                  Johanna watches her door open just a crack,
                                  And a hand that once held her runs down the length of her back,
                                  Her fallen angel lies down on her bed
                                  So much confusion in her beautiful head,
                                  Johanna closes her eyes.

                                  In a house full of secrets the truth doesn't matter,
                                  Johanna buries her shame and dreams of redemption
                                  They just scatter, she grows numb to the pain
                                  She can't remember how it was before
                                  She doesn't know who she is anymore
                                  She's in disguise as his beautiful prize.

                                  Johanna watches her life from the outside
                                  and she dreams that one day she'll fly free from this mess,
                                  She's a hawk trying to soar with a broken wing,
                                  She doesn't talk anymore about anything
                                  She just closes her eyes.

                                  She just can't stand his anger, she just can't bear his heat,
                                  She takes a long hard look at life on the street, yeah
                                  In a house full of secrets the truth doesn't matter
                                  Any dreams of salvation, they just shatter

                                  Johanna watches the world from the outside,
                                  and she dreams of the day she'll fly free of this mess,
                                  She doesn't know what she's waiting for,
                                  Because there's nothing left in this house anymore
                                  and in his eyes she's just a beautiful prize.


                                  I drop a stone into the ocean, every choice,
                                  another turn of the screw,
                                  Another wheel set in motion, with every single thing I do
                                  It's there in the air that I breathe, it's in my whisper and scream
                                  Inside everything I believe, and
                                  it's all gonna come around someday

                                  As the smallest stream runs to a river
                                  and every river runs to the sea
                                  So every bit of love that I give to another,
                                  You know that I believe it comes back to me

                                  There is no absolution whether I'm the garden or the rose
                                  If I ain't part of the solution... yeah you know how that goes
                                  You can always leave but you bring it all back home someday

                                  Every single thing I say, everyone I betray
                                  Any love that I take when I do not make it in return
                                  Every thing I do and every time I've been unfaithful too
                                  all the things that I believe are lessons I must learn

Shock To My System

                                  So there I stood, square on my side of the great divide,
                                  A message came across the void and for the first time in my life,
                                  I'm awake, I'm alive. I thought I was immune to this
                                  Till I felt the static charges in the air.
                                  I touch you, you're a live wire,
                                  you're the raw fire burning in my heart,
                                  It took me by surprise, that's no lie.

                                  You know you are, you are a sharp, shock to my system,
                                  a spark, a real shock. You know you are, you are a sharp
                                  Shock to my system
                                  You start I can't stop
                                  You taught me how to listen shock to my system

                                  My soul, my skin, you plug me in and all of my pain is gone
                                  just like it never was.
                                  And for the first time in my life I know what I feel
                                  Now every time we touch I'm caught off my guard. That's no lie.

                                  Shock to my system


                                  So this is the cage that I built, why I built it I don't know
                                  It's bars made of anger and guilt, no lock,
                                  but somehow it just wouldn't let me go.
                                  All hail the messenger of love.
                                  I got your message loud and clear.
                                  Now I'm hungry to be healed
                                  and you can't, you can't keep me away

                                  (I'm free) When we are one, I am complete
                                  (I'm free) And I'm undone and I will be healed in your eyes.

                                  I had to close a door in my life for another one to open
                                  so I could go through, though I had no guiding light,
                                  and no signs somehow it still lead me to you.
                                  I learned a lesson here in love and it's ringing loud and clear
                                  Now I'm ready to be reveal all the things
                                  that before I could never say

                                  When we are one, I am complete,
                                  I'm undone, and I will be healed at last.


                                  In my perfect world there's no need
                                  to right the wronged,
                                  laid down my burden, I know I did not carry the weight,
                                  Not sure to who responsibility belonged,
                                  I turned a blind eye,
                                  while waiting for the hand of fate to still the waters,
                                  heal all the broken hearts,
                                  and hope it would be done without a sacrifice.
                                  And maybe I just wouldn't pay the price.
                                  I've fought this long enough.

                                  Now I send the prayer to heaven for the chance to be,
                                  a better man than the man I see.
                                  I send the prayer to heaven, lay your hands on me,
                                  I ain't a saint but to this I swear I send the prayer.

                                  And now I feel all I can do is not enough.
                                  My Rome is burning and I'm standing at the deep abyss.
                                  But every passion started with an act of love,
                                  and every act of love, started with a single kiss.
                                  Father, father your gift was my world of light,
                                  and I've betrayed you with a single Judas kiss.
                                  I've been my own executioner,
                                  but its not just me anymore.

                                  Burn my wasted pride, open your heart to this,
                                  there's a voice that's crying somewhere,
                                  deep inside my soul for shelter.

The White Room

                                  I can see her at her windows watching,
                                  locked away inside her skin,
                                  I can see her but I can't get to her, she won't come out,
                                  and she won't let me into

                                  The white room (she's living in)
                                  Lying alone til she comes undone
                                  In the white room, she burns for the real thing.
                                  But it won't come.

                                  In her head is the same obsession
                                  and all the bottles and pills won't heal her heart.
                                  She heard his last confession
                                  and every word just tears her apart

                                  In the white room (locked away)
                                  doing time till her time is done
                                  In the white room there's so much to say
                                  but the words won't come.

                                  Come back to the land of the living,
                                  when you gonna break the chain,
                                  there's so much too much that you're leaving
                                  and you're never gonna stop the rain
                                  In the white room.
                                  waiting for the call that never comes
                                  in the white room, she awaits.

                                  Look at something long enough you'll find,
                                  that the splinters and the cracks begin to show,
                                  I'll be the first in line when the walls start falling
                                  and she lets go of

                                  The white room (it's late)
                                  living alone only makes you numb
                                  In the white room she burns for the real thing
                                  but it won't come

                                  In the white room (she's living in) I think its time
                                  that you're time is done,
                                  In the white room she burns
                                  In the white room (it's late)
                                  lying alone till she comes undone
                                  In the white room she awaits

                                  In the white room

 IN veRonicA'S HEAD

                                  He lifted her face up off the pillow and said, "Baby such is life"
                                  And then he pushed his suitcase out through the door.
                                  "It'll give 'em something to talk about."
                                  The door slammed, left a scar.
                                  She'd be damned she could see her in his car.
                                  So much for marriage and the good, good wife
                                  Well, maybe it's a fact of life.

                                  But in Veronica's head the wheels were burning,
                                  Turning out of frustration,
                                  Veronica's bed mocked
                                  every private thing she said to the bastard.

                                  She dyed her hair black in the bathroom mirror
                                  He'd liked it blonde on his wife.
                                  An act of independence, a small victory.
                                  Hey, it was something to shout about
                                  Cause at night, she'd crack,
                                  She'd feel his strong fingers raking down her back.
                                  She'd wake up angry, but turned on like a light,
                                  Yeah baby it's a fact of life.

                                  But in Veronica's head the wheels were burning,
                                  turning out of frustration,
                                  Veronica said, she would never be the same.
                                  No. But in Veronica's head, the fields were burning
                                  Burning down the destruction.

                                  She turns around, he's there,
                                  confusing her with his promises,
                                  and crying on the telephone.
                                  She twists and she turns in circles,
                                  with all of her strength, she breaks free.
                                  She stumbles and she nearly falls.

                                  But in Veronica's head the wheels were burning,
                                  turning out of frustration.
                                  Veronica said she would never be the same.
                                  No. But in Veronica's head the fields were burning.
                                  Burning down the destruction.
                                  In Veronica's bed, she lies there listening late at night to her
                                  The wheels are turning.
                                  And in Veronica's head the fields are burning.
                                  The wheels are turning. The fields are burning.

 Ordinary Girl

                                  I see her there in her plain print dress and her fading youth.
                                  Something about her opens up my soul,
                                  something about her speaks the truth,
                                  when the sky is falling..
                                  She makes the world go away baby and I tell the truth
                                  There's a plainness and a sameness to her
                                  touch oh yeah and it's beautiful.

                                  I love an ordinary girl
                                  Oh she's just an ordinary girl

                                  I say I love you I know it's just an ordinary sound
                                  We make love in our ordinary house
                                  yeah it's built on common ground and we know it baby
                                  We go out walking on an friday night in Ordinary Town
                                  There's a sameness and a plainness to it all
                                  Oh yeah and it's beautiful

                                  Another day, another battle
                                  We shake the cage, our sabers rattle
                                  Nothing that matters comes easy
                                  and nothing that comes easy ever really matters

                                  Oh (everything I am) she's an ordinary girl (anything I plan)
                                  I love her (for everything that I stand).
                                  She's an ordinary girl (I'm just an ordinary man)
                                  Oh she's (in everything I do) Just an ordinary girl
                                  (in everything that's true) I love her (in everything I plan)
                                  She's an ordinary girl (I'm an ordinary man)

Act Of Faith

                                  I tell you honestly, don't you go and throw your heart away
                                  I know it's so hard to do,
                                  you've got to let go when you want to hold on.
                                  I know how much you miss him celebrate what you had.
                                  don't cry about the things left unsaid,
                                  it'll do no good.
                                  you look for mercy and a meaning somewhere,
                                  but you know that the hurting won't go
                                  till you walk through the fire.

                                  It's gonna take an act of faith to stand up and face the day.
                                  It's gonna take an act of faith, nobody can make you stay
                                  It's gonna take an act of faith
                                  maybe love will find it's way back into your life.
                                  Here's my heart my love is in it
                                  Here's my heart my love is in it

                                  Stand up, don't you fall.
                                  You just take good care of where you are.
                                  You're thinking life's through with you.
                                  that's not what he'd want or what you should do.
                                  I know you loved him baby celebrate who he was.
                                  I know you know you've got to go on and live your life.
                                  Go down to the river of the spirit that runs through you,
                                  and lay yourself down in the healing waters.

                                  It's gonna take an act of faith to stand up and face the day.
                                  It's gonna take an act of faith, nobody can make you stay
                                  It's gonna take an act of faith
                                  maybe love will find it's way back into your life.

                                  Love is a healer.
                                  There is no purpose served in holding on.
                                  Love is a healer.
                                  There is no understanding why.
                                  Love is a healer.
                                  There is no sin in you that brought this to your door.
                                  My love, it just is.

                                  (in memory of Bobby Brookes)

 Big Beautiful Friday Night

                                  Another day passes like a ghost
                                  Wishing you were any place but here
                                  From your prison cell of flesh and bone
                                  you send a prayer on it's suicide last flight
                                  into the air - into the rain
                                  and it sends you nothing back again

                                  Hey Maria its a big beautiful Friday night
                                  Yeah Maria - hey na na hey na na na yeah

                                  Day to day and coast to coast
                                  everything seems anything but clear
                                  Inside your skin of steel and stone
                                  your need for somebody wakes you late at night
                                  but there's something there you can't explain
                                  as you come in bed alone again.

                                  Hey Maria, it's a big beautiful Friday night.
                                  Yeah Maria - hey na na hey na na na yeah
                                  Hey Maria, why don't we drink like we just don't care tonight?
                                  Yeah Maria - hey na na hey na na na yeah

                                  Life is a perfect song with a fractured beat.
                                  Yeah its a one way sign on a dead end street.

                                  Hey Maria you sure look beautiful tonight

                                  Hey Maria it's a big beautiful Friday night
                                  Yeah Maria - hey na na hey na na na yeah.
                                  Hey Maria don't let it be so complicated tonight.
                                  Yeah Maria - hey na na hey na na na yeah.