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New CD Releases!

In addition to Karma, there are many new CD titles with compilations of Rick's music from the 90's and backwards to the beginning of Rick's career.  Here are some titles you may have missed to add to your collection.  Many of these can be found online.  However, use caution...there are many, many CDs being released now by bootleggers who have some studio quality equipment.  The ones listed below are legitimate CDs.  If you find another one, or you find one and question it's legitimacy, email and let us know.

Karma:  Platinum Entertainment/Super Ron Records:  Karma is Rick's newest music, with tunes that he has penned over the last ten years.  This CD is available in stores and on the Net everywhere...if you don't have it yet, you should!  This one will touch your soul.

Karma:  Japanese Import:  Super Ron Records:  The same music, though in a different running order.  This CD has the acoustic Jessie's Girl not available on the US release.  However, this CD does not have the His Last Words or Big Beautiful Friday night tracks.  However, still a great item for collectors, and how many heard Karma first.  This CD can be found online or at good importers here in the US.

Sahara Snow:  Swedish Import:  MTM Records:  Read the fan feedback on this 1997 release by clicking on this link:   Sahara Snow This CD provided fans with new music with a harder edge before the release of Karma.  This collaboration with Bob Marlette and Tim Pierce is a must listen.  Available online or at better import stores in the us.

The Best of Rick Springfield:  RCA/BMG:  This is the latest greatest hits release from RCA.  The track listing is complete and thorough, with many of the tracks fan felt should have been included on the earlier Greatest Hits album (i.e. Souls and Don't Walk Away).  The liner notes include a wonderful biography of Rick.  Available at stores in the US and online.

Backtracks:  Renaissance:  This is a compilation of some of Rick's 70's recordings, many of which were originally on the Mission Magic soundtrack album.  This CD will be available online after May 18, though some fans have already reported receiving theirs when ordered.

Jingle Ball '98:  This CD is a recording of the Jingle Ball '98 Concert, which benefitted the San Diego County Make A Wish Foundation.  Besides Rick, there are 8 other artists who perform on the CD, including names such as the Barenaked Ladies, Cherry Poppin' Daddies and the Brian Setzer Orchestra.  Rick performs four songs live on this one.  Since we don't have a live CD yet, this is as close as we come.  You can find it at:

The Encore Collection:  BMG:  An inexpensive collection of some of Rick's greatest hits, including Take a Hand from the Wait for Night album.  You can find this one in many record stores across the US and online.

Anthology/Ultimate Collection:  RCA/BMG:  Australian Import:  This wonderfully complete CD includes not only 80s greatest hits, but many previously unreleased tracks from Rick's early career.  Child Within, Eleanor Rigby and the original Bruce are some of the gems which make this collection worth getting.  Available online.

Speak to The Sky:  Soundwings:  This compilation contains many of the same songs as contained on the Backtracks CD, but it was released a few years earlier.  It's all early 70's recordings.  This one is available online.

Best of Rick Springfield: RCA:  English Import:  Different from the newly release Best Of CD, this one released several years ago is an interesting collection of greatest hits.  It's a solid collection.  Available online.

Best Selections:  BMG:  Import:  Most of the usual suspects found on greatest hits collections with the addition of My Father's Chair.  Available online.