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Smokey Joe's Cafe

On Broadway

October 16-31, 1999

Story by:

Rick was FABULOUS!!!!! I was fortunate enough to travel to New York from North Carolina just to see Rick's Broadway debut. And what a debut it was! The whole show was great and Rick really added something special to it, his own personality. He's a natural. I really hope he does more Broadway and I will definately be there if at all possible. Had I been able to afford it, I would have seen the show every night I was in town. I was lucky enough to have front row center seats (I took a chance and bought seats back in June.) His performance was soulful, as are all of them, and fun!

And to add to my already wonderful time, I got to do something I could have only imagined. I noticed a mob of people gathered outside the doors of the theatre and decided to see what was going on. The group of people was standing outside the stage entrance door waiting for Rick to come out. He finally came out after his wife, sons, and mother went to their car. I couldn't believe it!!!! There he was. He was so kind and stopped for anyone and everyone who wanted a signature or photo. I finally made my way through the crowd and up to him for his autograph and picture. I thought I would really be nervous approaching him but I wasn't. A person feels comfortable around him, I know I did. He just has a friendly quality that invites you in. I am so impressed that he took his time and his family's time for his fans. I have read and heard he's like that but to see it with my own eyes is great. His family is obviously special as well to accommodate all of the fans. I was able to get his autograph and have several pictures taken with him. A dream come true. What an amazing man. He's gracious and down-to-earth, not to mention gorgeous as ever!!! I've been a devoted fan for 18 years and have come very close to meeting him a couple of times but it never happened. I guess persistence pays off.

Also thanks to your website for keeping all of us fans up to date on his goings on. I never would have known about a lot of his appearances if were not for you, especially Broadway. I'll continue to be a fan forever. Rick is so talented and really deserves more credit than I think he is given as a songwriter, singer, musician, and actor. Thanks again for your support.

Story by:

I don't know if anyone has submitted anything about Rick and his performance in Smokey Joe's Cafe, so I thought I would contribute. Me and two other Rick fans drove from Michigan to New York (14 hrs. each way) to see Rick in his broadway debut. We arrived at the theater about one hour before the performance and waited around the side entrance for him before the show. He arrived by simply walking down the street wearing a Carhart jacket, sunglasses and a backpack. He entered the crowd and signed a few autographs and posed for a few pictures (me and my friend included!) and then said he was running late for the show. Rick was awesome in the show. He looked absolutley stunning on a Broadway stage. Although, I enjoyed the show, he did not perform in it as much as I had thought he would. However, it was after the show that the real treat came. We left the theater when there was one song left so that we could be the first waiting by the door when he left the building. This turned out to be a very excellent move. He came out and me and my friends talked with him for a couple of minutes, got his
autograph and kissed him on the cheek!! He spend a long time with the fans who were there. What an awesome experience! I just everyone to know that if you are patient AND not shy, you can definitely have your time
with Rick. I'm sure there was not one fan who left dissappointed. He took the time to see everyone who had come to see him. After mingling with the crowd, he started walking the down the street, some fans followed him for a bit and then just as he came, he left, walking the down the streets of New York City!